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    At Datan CNC, we provide full range of service for company which require reliable source in Chinese machinery and parts.We Datan CNC, with more than 50 years in research and manufacturing on machinery,we have experience in marketing over 20 years, in technical support, we own talented team in 3 generation from senior to junior, we are in full confident that we can offer you
    best service and technical support.

    Our Datan team, we have experience in machine & parts design and development, if you have 
    need to develop new products, we are here to support you.

    Whether you need one machine for your special purpose in production or you demand full 
    automatic production line, or you need supply for your customized parts, we are positive we 
    can help you.

    There is a worry that the buyer receive the products not meet their demand, that will cause the efficiency in production, lose the chance in market, affect the business fame.Here we Datian team, have over 50 years in research and manufacturing, 20 years in marketing,with the technical support in 3 generations, offer you service in sampling to avoid such problem.

    At Datan CNC, we put great importance in research and development, we have more than 50 years on this field, and own more than 100 patents of machine, we can offer you service on this for your special requirement and customized purpose in machine or production line, please don’thesitate to contact us now.

    Our Datan CNC, have a talented team in quality control and inspection, we can meet your 
    high leveled demand in quality.

    If you need certification to comply with international standard (EN, DIN, ANSI, ASME, etc), 
    we can arrange this with independent, fully recognized testing company.

    There is a special concern on machine packing, for it is different from other products, machine 
    is big and heavy, many buyers have their special requirement on it, Our Datian CNC have 
    experience on this.

    It is high costed now in warehousing now around world now, Datan CNC owe big capacity 
    warehouse, we can offer you service of warehousing in free. We also can arrange for you 
    in split shipment to reducing your cost.

    At Datan CNC, we have well relationship with main shipping company and forwarders.
    We can meet you any requirement on delivery, timing or costing.

    Our Datan CNC have a talented team in After-sale, we hope to meet your demand after you buy our machine, we are keen to receiving your kind feedback in using our products, that will make us to improve in further orders.