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Cabinet Air-Conditioner

In some countries,temperature is higher than 40 ℃, and when using CNC machines in a long term, the temperature will be too high to probably affect electric components usage. 

Cabinet air conditioner belongs to compressor cooling mode, in which the condenser and evaporator are each equipped with a circulating fan to enhance air flow and cooling effect. Electric control system can autonomously monitor temperature conditions, and control the air conditioner according to your setting.

Equipment manufacturers have been calculated and configured the cabinet air conditioner reasonable specifications based on the total amount of heat inside the cabinet and cabinet space, so no need to worry about downtime caused by electrical components fever

The filter on the cabinet air conditioner need to clean up every 1 ~ 2 weeks, otherwise it may affect the cooling effect. 

If the environment temperature is higher than 40 ℃, performance degradation of air conditioning should be considered, all the standards of air conditioning refrigerating capacity is measured in 35 ℃ environment, if the environment temperature is as high as 50 ℃, the air conditioning refrigerating capacity is only about 70% of the original design. 

No heating function, if you need heating function, please specifically contact us.

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