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Multiple Spindle

For some special workpeicies process, there is not so many steps that using the cnc machining centers means wasting cost,

 but using cnc milling machines has problems

 that manual tool change is troublesome and it is difficult to accomplish many machines operation just by one person.

Moreover, the efficiency is low.Multi- spindle machines can solve this problem, which make process more easily. 

It can process more workpieces at the same time that not only improve the process efficiency, but also save the labor energy, 

release the base and energy consumption.

Multiple Spindle         Multiple Spindle

Also, different tools can be installed on multiple different spindles, without the need for a tool change , and each spindle can complete 

their processes, such as rough process , accurate process, drill and so on . Of course, too much of the process cannot be achieved on a multi-

spindle machines . for some relatively simple process small parts , the use of multi-spindle machining centers can also be achieved.

Multiple Spindle

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