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Electric Spindle

When processing mold, special materials or small tools machining, in order to improve the surface quality and machining 

efficiency, the spindle speed may exceed 15000rpm, so you need to configure the electric spindle.

Electric Spindle    Electric Spindle

Typically, electric spindle use Ceramic ball bearing with the character of wear-resistance, corrosion-resistance, oil-free, 

high temperature-resistance , long life-span and so on. In the high speed, spindle rotation produce heat because of 

the friction between oil lubrication and bearing, which will lead to oil drying likely. Therefore, Oil air lubrication is required.

Electric spindle cooling device must be configured with the choice of water-cooled or oil-cooled. water-cooled is a better 

way to cool, but you must add rust inhibitor in cooling water; oil-cooled effect is not as good as water-cooled, but no worried 

about spindle rust problems.

Pay attention to the maximum spindle speed, it is attainable spindle speed which can not be used for a long time. The 

actual processing speed is generally 80% of the maximum speed, depending on usage time.

If the customer needs for low-speed processing, usually not less than 10% of the maximum speed, otherwise actual cutting f

orce is low.If the customer still needs greater torque at low speed, we recommend the optional dual-coil motor spindle, 

which can also apply to high and low speed processing, but the cost is more expensive.

Generally spindle taper is HSK or BBT standards at high speed which mainly because the spindle shank rigidity is better connecting

 with the spindle, and less impaction by the centrifugal force.

Electric Spindle  Electric Spindle


Ceramic ball bearings have the following advantages compared with steel bearing:

1, high speed and acceleration-----dn value can operate under conditions of over 3 million, and the slip, abrasion and heat 

can be reduced;

2, long life-span, wear-resistance----full ceramic ball bearing fatigue life expected 10-50 times longer than steel bearings, 

hybrid ceramic ball bearing life than steel bearing life is about 3-5 times higher;

3, minimal lubrication ----- a low friction coefficient of the ceramic material, ceramic bearings lubricated by oil, even 

less oil lubrication, its lubricating ability is still higher than the commonly used conventional steel bearing;

4, Abrasion-resistance and wear-resistance ---- because the ceramic material is inert material, Abrasion-resistance and

 wear-resistance are better;

5, rigidity - the elastic modulus of the ceramic material is high, its rigidity is 15-20% larger than the ordinary steel bearing;

6, high temperature - Full ceramic ball bearings can operate in temperatures above 500 ℃;

7, torque low - according to the structure, torque on ceramic ball bearings reduce about one-third;

8, non-magnetic and non-conductive ---- ceramic ball bearings can not be damaged by magnetic and electrical

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