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Automatic AC Voltage Regulator

A voltage fluctuation can happen due to voltage and load fluctuations of external power supply network, and this regulator can automatically maintain a stable voltage output. The automatic AC voltage regulator has protection of over-voltage, phase loss, phase sequence as well as automatic mechanical failure protection. Automatic AC voltage regulator is recommended to the customers who are in nation or region with bad power grid environment. 

This automatic AC voltage regulator consists of contact touch regulator, sampling control circuit and servo motor. When the grid voltage is unstable or has changes in the load, the sampling control circuit implement the sampling, sending signal to command the servo motor rotates in the desired direction, adjusting the position of regulator carbon brush. Thus the output voltage reaches a rated value and ups to a stable state. 

Automatic AC Voltage Regulator

Eight Protection Functions of automatic AC voltage regurator:

Overload protection:

When the connected equipment exceeds the rated capacity, the output power is automatically shut down to protect the user’s equipment;

Over-voltage/under-voltage protection:

When the input voltage exceeds the voltage range, the regulator will automatically shut down output voltage.It is to avoid excessive pressure that may cause burning in electrical control panels type components as well as the current low pressure that may cause excessive current  to burn motor and other accidents;

Phase loss/out of phase protection:

When the three-phase input has phase loss or out of phase, the regulator immediately cut off the output voltage and flash red light. This can ensure safe use of electricity and prevent equipment damage;

SOVP protection:

The equipment will suffer significant damage when it is instantaneous power failure and then back. Generally, the current of instantaneous power back is 3~5 times higher than the current of mechanical starting. This protection allows stabilizer at any circumstance with low voltage start, soft start, which ensures the security of the equipment;

Short circuit protection:

When the load has short-circuit, the regulator will automatically and immediately cut off the power to protect the security of user equipment;

Delay Output Protection:

When voltage regulator is through, the automatic AC voltage regulator will be adjusted to the best value and put out the power by its self-check function. This is to ensure that the equipment is not affected by impact damage;

Bypass protection device:

When regulators requires maintenance, it can easily be switched to the bypass switch and thus without re-wiring. The production work can be carried out without delay, and original function continues to execute when at high pressure / low pressure, instantaneous stop or short circuit.

    Considerable mis-operation protection:

Hidden panel design allows the users understand the operational status through the color of panel lights. Green indicates that the power supply is normal, while any red lights shows there are anomalies, which saves the trouble of watching the meter readings. This also prevent ant man-made damage and careless shutdown.

automatic AC voltage regulator

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