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Gas Cylinder

High pressure air supply is nowadays necessary for cnc machine tools and customers 

should get prepared for the gas cylinders.

If an air pump should provide high pressure air supply at the same time for several machine tools 

and when one of the machine tools using excessive gas source, it is likely that other machines will 

release alarm for insufficient air pressure. This alarm also happens when a certain machine is far from 

pressure pump and cause pressure loss in pipeline. These cases may lead to abnormal in tool change, 

damage parts like magazine, spindle, etc. 

But gas cylinder can effectively solve such pressure unstable factors, make sure the machine 

has stable pressure and flow of gas source. Besides, when the air contains water, it is likely to 

have damage in pneumatic components including cylinder, triple pieces and electromagnetic. 

And gas storage cylinder can effectively isolate the moisture and reduce moisture into the pneumatic



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