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Tool Auto-checking Instrument

Customers, who have higher requirements on the depth of processing, can use tool auto-checking 

instrument to rapidly adjusting tools when using milling cutters. This tool auto-checking instrument 

can greatly improve the efficiency and precision of adjusting tools, especially for occasions of mold 

processing, craft machining, step hole processing, etc.

Re-adjusting tools is necessary when wear and tear occurs to tools or after tool change. 

Because it will prevent lapping defect and processing that not reach the designated position.

Japan brand Metrol tool auto-checking instrument is recommended here.

From precision point of view: 2 microns precision grade is preferred in mold processing 

while 5 microns precision grade for parts processing. There are also Φ12、Φ16、Φ20、Φ25 

commonly used specifications. Each specification can measure milling cutters within max.

 diameter cutter and the price varies with different specifications.

There is a certain requirement on the matched numerical control system. FANUC, MITSUBISHI, 

SIEMENS system can cooperate to use, but for other system it should be confirmed. Soplease 

contact our sales engineer when necessary.

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