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Spindle Oil Cooler

Spindle oil cooler is to ensure the accuracy(may affected by changes of oil temperature) of cnc machine spindle.

By using synchronous body temperature control panel, which makes the oil temperature to follow at room temperature 

and thus to prevent heat bilges cold shrink of mechanical structure.

It is helpful in extending the service life of machine tools and the cutting tools.

Oil cooler itself has forced cooling function, so that the heat generated by high spindle rotation speed can be 

constantly cooled by circulation of the oil. The spindle temperature rise will thus not be too high.


1. When the spindle speed is over 12000 rpm, a spindle oil cooler is a must.

2. If the spindle speed is working at 80% of its max. speed for a long time, a spindle oil cooler is a must.

3. The spindle oil cooler is suggested when high precision is needed.

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